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Modeling, Documentation, and Visualization Software


The MicroStation family of products includes: 
  • MicroStation - Design Modeling Software
  • MicroStation PowerDraft - Drafting Software for Your Most Demanding Projects

With MicroStation, you can easily view, model, document, and visualize projects of any size or complexity. Use MicroStation to deliver projects smarter. With proven MicroStation technology, you can confidently take on any design, construction, or operations project. No matter what design information you are working with or what kind of deliverables are required, you can rely on MicroStation’s flexibility and power to get the job done on time and on budget.

The MicroStation family of products provide the power and versatility to precisely view, model, document, and visualize information-rich 2D and 3D designs of all types and scales for professionals in every discipline on infrastructure projects of every type.

MicroStation - Design Modeling Software

MicroStation’s advanced parametric 3D modeling capabilities allow infrastructure professionals of any discipline to deliver data-driven, BIM-ready models.  Your team can aggregate their work on MicroStation, including designs and models created with Bentley’s discipline specific BIM applications. As a result, you can create comprehensive, multi-discipline BIM models, documentation, and other deliverables. Since your project team will work in a universal modeling application, they can communicate easily to share intelligent deliverables and maintain the full integrity of your data.

MicroStation and all Bentley BIM applications are built on the same comprehensive modeling platform. You therefore can easily progress your MicroStation work into discipline specific workflows with Bentley’s design and analytical modeling BIM applications. With this flexibility, each member of your project team has exactly the right application for the work they need to do.

Get all the advantages of BIM without the need to change your existing workflows.

MicroStation enables:

  • Automated Deliverables. Leverage data-driven comprehensive BIM models to automate the creation and sharing of project deliverables such as drawing sheets, schedules, models, visualizations, and more.

  • Reality Modeling. Effortlessly integrate contextual information for your designs, including reality meshes, images, point clouds, GIS data, Revit or other models, DWG files, external data sources like Bing maps, and much more.

  • Intrinsic Geo-coordination. Work in context in an intrinsically geo-coordinated environment so that your BIM models are designed in precise geographic and geometric context.

  • Functional Components. Experience true 3-D parametric design for advanced design modeling, leveraging both 2D and 3D constraints to accurately capture and model design intent.

  • Hypermodeling. Provide deeper insight into designs through a rich, visual 3D experience that integrates annotated documentation into 3D models

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• Automatic updates and fixes

• In-product learning

• Modern look and feel


• Property-driven annotation, reports, and displays

• Automated sheet creation, layout, and indexing


• Persistent constraints

• Functional components

• Parametric solids and surfaces


• Handle larger design files

• 64-bit performance

• Cloud enablement

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“With MicroStation V8i, we can deliver exactly what the client wants – with minimal time and expense.”

– Brian Miyake, vice president of operations, i-TEN

“MicroStation has tremendous capabilities and flexibility to customize the data handling and analysis for three-dimensional data collected from photos of construction sites, enabled with the use of VBA.”

– Dr. Naruo Kano Department of Architecture Waseda University.

MicroStation PowerDraft - Drafting Software for Your Most Demanding Projects

With MicroStation PowerDraft, you have the power to design, document, and detail projects of any size or complexity. Whether you are an architect, engineer, contractor or GIS professional, you can use PowerDraft as a companion to any modeling or CAD design application. More than just computer aided drafting software, PowerDraft enables you to develop and produce precise and rich physical and electronic deliverables easily and reliably.

  • Develop and document 2D CAD designs with an unmatched range of powerful, intelligent drafting and constraint tools

  • Unlike other technical drawing software, PowerDraft enables you to produce polished drawings, schedules, and reports directly from 2D and 3D models

  • You can also automatically annotate and build reports based on object properties and take models further by producing intelligent 3D PDFs

  • Bring your project information and teams together by incorporating and exchanging drawings and models in any format, including point clouds, DWG, DGN, DXF, SHP, 3DM, and more

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“Bentley MicroStation and its discipline specifc applications have enabled our design team to achieve an unparalleled level of accuracy when compared to any other 3D design software.” —ARUP

“MicroStation is the key platform for integration of the most complex projects. It provides the means to connect different applications and produce documentation in a unifed format.” — envi.con Plant Engineering

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