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Structural Detailing Software


The ProStructures family of products includes: 

  • ProConcrete - Reinforced Concrete Modeling and Detailing Software 
  • ProSteel - Steel Detailing and Fabrication Software

Efficiently create accurate 3D models for structural steel, metal work, and reinforced concrete structures. ProStructures lets you create design drawings, fabrication details, and schedules that automatically update whenever you change the 3D model. Complete projects quicker thanks to customizable user standards and the open working environment. Comprehensive software built by experienced design engineers, ProStructures, which includes ProSteel and ProConcrete, can help increase your productivity and profitability. 

  • Automatically create accurate documentation and details. 
  • Easily produce detailing such as stairs, handrails, ladders, and circular stairs. 
  • Automatically receive 2D drawings from your 3D model, including bills of materials, NC data, and PPS data.
  • Eliminate duplication of effort through integration with Bentley products as well as third-party products.

ProConcrete - Reinforced Concrete Modeling and Detailing Software.

With ProConcrete software you can model reinforced concrete with any combination of reinforcing, as 3D parametric objects. Quickly create your placing drawings, fabrication details, bar bending schedules, and concrete quantity and material reports directly from your 3D model, which automatically updates to reflect model changes. You can reduce documentation production time, errors, and design flaws with our advanced 3D application for modeling, detailing, and scheduling of reinforced in situ/precast and post-tensioned concrete structures. With simple and easy-to-use tools for advanced 3D modeling of reinforced concrete structures you can:

  • Efficiently model any reinforced concrete shape to 100% accuracy with the as-built condition
  • Quickly extract 2D placing drawings that automatically update when the 3D model is changed
  • Easily exchange information with other applications and disciplines
  • Quickly deliver multi-faceted and detailed proposals, customized to your preferences.



“By utilizing the Bentley MicroStation and ProStructures tools and features, we were able to breathe new life into the heart of our operation while providing certainty to our organization that 3D modeling and design is cost-effective, efficient, and safe.”
- Frank DeRose Senior Structural Designer & Drafting Technician Vale Manitoba Operations 
ProSteel - Steel Detailing and Fabrication Software.

With ProSteel software you can efficiently create accurate 3D models for structural steel, metal work, and steel assemblies. You can then quickly generate design drawings, fabrication details, and schedules that automatically update whenever the 3D model changes. Additionally, detailed output to CNC machines automates the steel fabrication process. ProSteel fully supports your construction and planning tasks for structural steel and metal work in a 3D modeling environment. Working with AutoCAD or MicroStation, you get an intuitive and integrated multi-material modeler perfectly suited to layout complex structures, produce shop drawings, assemble all your connections, and manage your bills of materials.

  • Quickly extract 2D drawings that automatically update when the 3D model changes.
  • Easily exchange information with other disciplines thanks to interoperability with other Bentley and third-party applications.
  • Efficiently create parametric assembly modeling for common objects such as steel stairs, handrails, and ladders.
  • Rapidly investigate multiple scenarios to provide the most economical options to your client.



“Without a doubt, ProSteel was fundamental to the success of this project.”
- Mike Thompson CAD Manager D&H Steel Construction
ProSteel provided an effcient 3D modeling and shop detailing solution that enabled collaboration across the project cycle, especially during the detailed engineering phase.

LATEST VERTION ProStructures CONNECT Edition Update 3

We are pleased to announce that ProStructures CONNECT Edition Update 3 ( is available on Software Downloads and for update through the CONNECTION Client.

What’s New Highlights


  • Configuration
    • Here, you will find more about:
      • Basic information about CONNECT Edition configuration
      • What changed moving from V8i WorkSpaces to the CONNECT Edition Configuration
      • How to work with the new setup
      • Customization beyond what is delivered in ProStructure
  • ProjectWise
    • ProStructures CONNECT Edition Update 3 is compatible with ProjectWise CONNECT Edition Update 3.1 (, Update 3.1 Refresh (, Update 3.2 ( and supports new ProjectWise Client (
    • For complete compatibility metrics for design, modeling products see ProjectWise  Version Support Matrix 
  • Structural Synchronizer
    • ProStructures CONNECT Edition Update 2 is compatible with Structural Synchronizer CONNECT Edition Update 3 (
  • DgnDB iModel Importer
    • ProStructures CONNECT Edition Update 3 is compatible with iModel publishing 1.6
  • Resolved issues
    • For general bug fixes and stability improvements, please refer to the list of Resolved Issues in ProStructures CONNECT Edition Update 3.
    • Also, be sure to visit ProStructures forum on Bentley Communities to keep up to date with the latest information on Blogs, Wiki’s, Announcements and Support Forums
  • Enhancements
    • Convert to Native Solid
      • New options are added to the Create Native Solid Drawing (Convert to Solid) tool for handling parts that cannot be converted. You can leave them unchanged, remove them from the dgn, move them to a specific level, or define a prefix to add to level names in which they exist
    • Workflow to Get Tags as Attributes After a DWG Conversion
      • You can now get tags as attributes, attached to ProStructures objects after conversion. A new configuration PS_CREATESOLIDOLDMETHOD is added to allow you to change the behavior of the conversion.
    • Global Files Options
      • New Material File and Shape Configuration settings are added to ProStructures Global File Options in Expert mode. These settings enable selecting suitable material file and custom shape configurations file respectively, from the available database files in the selected path.
    • Dimensioning Standards In External BOM
      • Enhancement to Imperial dimensions to meet North American Imperial Dimensioning Standards for In-Drawing Partlist and external BOM is implemented in ProStructures.
    • Update Group Name
      • Introduced an additional Macro tool named Update Group Name, that is used for transferring the main part name to the group name of a plate.


  • Enhancements
    • Positioning with ”Only empty” Filter Positions
      • A new Filter option Only empty is added to the Positionflags and Positioning – Steel Positioning tab to allow you to filter positions of all empty groups with the first group number.
    • Imperial Fraction Dimensions and Annotations
      • DetailCenter enhancements now allow for fraction dimensions and annotations to comply with the Imperial formatting convention.
        • Conversion from user distance input style (e.g. 2:6) to an Imperial distance display (e.g. 2’-6”)
        • Support for stacked fractions
        • Display styles can be different between annotation elements
      • Supported elements:
        • Dimensions
        • ProStructures standard annotations (position flags, welding symbols, elevation symbols)
        • ProStructures annotation label
        • 2D shape labels
        • Additional annotation text
      • [Technology Preview] NC Information for ZEMAN® Robotics Machines
        • ProStructures can now extract NC information for ZEMAN® Robotics machines. The new ZEMAN® XML functionality converts group data from the ProStructures to XML format. This XML describes Information such as Length, Weight, Position number of groups, etc. as well as location and rotation of subparts attached as references to the main parts.
        • A new ZEMAN® Assembler Output type is added to the NC Data – General tab. To access the option, you must first create the configuration variable PS_ENABLE_ZEMANASSEMBLER and set its value to 1.
        • Also added, a new configuration variable: S_ZEMANASSEMBLER_SHOWSUBPARTAXIS
        • If it set to 1, it enables the creation of ACS symbols containing the “X, Y & Z” main part and subpart directions used to create the XML files for Zeman.
      • Dowels, Anchors and Reid Brace Catalogs for New Zealand Workspace
        • New dowels, anchors and Reid Brace catalogs are added to the “User Part Center” for the New Zealand workspace.
        • Dowels that work with the native baseplate command
        • Anchors and Reid Brace converted to ProStructures elements
        • Anchors and Reid Brace added to the User Part Center
      • ISO 2553 Weldflag Designations
        • New ISO 2553 weldflag designations are added to the Welding Symbol Definition dialog.
      • Weldflag Vertices
        • New weldflag capability to add/remove up to 2 vertexes to weld flag leaders. Two new options Insert vertex… and Remove vertex… are added to Weld Styles for ISO weldflag designations.


  • Enhancements
    • Improved Associative Extraction Support for Concrete Solids in Reference Files
      • It is now possible to extract Associative Faces of MicroStation Solids or OpenBridge Modeler objects in files attached as references.
      • As a result, it is now possible to separate concrete and reinforcement models, and better support for concrete geometry updates.
      • Together with other enhancements delivered in previous updates, multiple users are now able to work on a project, attaching concrete models created in ProConcrete, MicroStation, OpenBridge Modeler as a reference and simultaneously reinforce different concrete objects. Concrete modelers retain ownership of their model and when any changes are made in the concrete model, rebar detailers can easily update reinforcement, if it is placed based on Associative Extractions and Intersections.
    • Improved Display Rules Support for Rebar Properties
      • In Display Rules, it is now possible to select rebar attributes like:
        • Nominal Spacing
        • Quantity
        • Bar Length
        • Bar Mark
        • Bar Size
        • Grade
        • Coating
      • As a result, it is now possible to view the model in a much clearer way, for example, color-coding bars based on their size.
      • It can also be used for Quality Assurance, for example, to visually check what bar grades or coating is used in the model.
    • Improved Label Placement and Adjustment
      • Label Placement is now more intuitive and fully supported by AccuDraw in each placement step.
      • It is also easier to adjust the rebar label position after placement either with mouse drag and drop functionality or Move commands. This functionality allows to move leader arrow along the bar and to adjust the text position.
    • Improved ProConcrete Software Development Kit (SDK)
      • Users can now customize ProConcrete using C++, C#, VB.NET using the improved ProConcrete SDK.
      • The SDK includes practical samples that can be customized to your exact needs.

Power Platform

  • Enhancements
    • Ability to Create Reports from Item Types Within a Current Selection or Active Fence
      • Users can now choose to create reports from item type instances attached to elements within the current selection or an active fence. You can do so by setting the Selection Type to By Fence or Current Selection in the Reports dialog.
    • Business Data now Exported to LumenRT
      • Business data attached to items are now exported and available in LumenRT.
    • Set Element Elevation
      • The Set Element Elevation tool that was previously available in the CivTools MDL app is now included directly in PowerPlatform. This tool is helpful in positioning all vertices of a line-string, curve-string, complex string, or contours to a specified value.
    • OpenNURBS (Rhino 3DM) 6.11 Support
      • PowerPlatform now supports import of OpenNURBS version 6.11 files.
    •  (Technology Preview) Expressions
      • Users can now define and attach an expression to an element’s item type. The corresponding value of the expression will display in the element’s Properties dialog. Expressions can represent business data which otherwise cannot be graphically represented for an element. Expressions have specific syntax definitions based on their type like arithmetic, concatenation, condition, comparison and so on.
    • (Technology Preview) Expressions to Derive Data from Lookup Tables
      • You can now use expression inputs in the Item Types dialog to derive data from lookup tables into an element’s item type property definition. Lookup tables can be lists of data, in excel format, associated with your project.
    • Features moved from Technology Preview to Commercial Release
      • The following features that were in Technology Preview mode in previous updates have been commercially released in this update:
        • Item Types Excel Import/Export
        • Place Label cell filter by element


If you currently have ProStructures CONNECT Edition, ProStructures CONNECT Edition Update 1 or ProStructures CONNECT Edition Update 2 already installed on your computer, you can incrementally download and install ProStructures CONNECT Edition Update 3 from the CONNECTION Client. ProStructures CONNECT Edition Update 3 will replace any earlier versions of ProStructures CONNECT Editions and update it to ProStructures CONNECT Edition Update 3.  Sign in to the CONNECTION Client to view and apply your Application updates. If needed, please refer to the CONNECTION Client help for more information on installing the update.


  • If you would like the setup executable of ProStructures CONNECT Edition (Full) Update 2, please follow these steps to download it from Fulfillment Center:
        1. Sign in to connect.bentley.com                
        2. Choose Software Downloads from “My Support” section.
        3. Select the Brand ProStructures and then select the Generation of CONNECT Edition.
        4. Download the latest release by clicking on the arrow to expand the selection and then on ProStructures CONNECT Edition Update 3 version (

Important installation requirements and notices are found in the Readme.


To access the list of frequently asked questions click ProStructures CONNECT Edition FAQ.


Known Issues

ProSteel CONNECT Editon Update 3

  • In the ProStructures Settings, the Option: “use modify flag only for parts with position number” should NOT be set, as it could cause update Issues for modifications.
    It’s off by default now for all localisations

ProConcrete CONNECT Edition Update 3

  • Bar Mark lost after upgrading files from v8i
    For certain types of reinforcement listed below, Bar Marks may be lost during the upgrade process.
    This known issue will be addressed in a future update.

 Table – Reinforcement type


Reinforcement Type


Pad footing Dowel reinforcement for Circular Column – Template ties


Beam Reinforcement – U Stirrups and Closed Stirrups


Wall Opening Trimmers – Circular Bars


Slab Opening trimmer – Circular Bars


Semicircular Single Rebar with End Conditions


Semicircular Single Rebar Distribution


Semicircular Irregular Dispatch

  • Reinforcement of complex solids placed on Associative Intersections changes location
    Working with reinforcement added complex solids containing additional features including but not limited to cuts, subtractions and other Boolean operations may result in sudden rebar displacement.
    This known issue will be addressed in a future update.

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