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Bentley Descartes V8i

Comprehensive 3D Imaging Software Integrated with MicroStation for Visualization and Document Conversion

Bentley Descartes* is an information modeling software product and an extension of MicroStation, for visualization, vector-to-raster, raster-to-vector conversion, and the management and processing of fundamental data types used in infrastructure projects, such as scalable terrain models and point clouds.

In all infrastructure projects, engineers need to manage fundamental data types and legacy documents – Bentley Descartes makes this straightforward and intuitive as an extension to MicroStation.

Bentley Descartes provides infrastructure professionals with:

  • Point-cloud data processing
  • Advanced raster processing and management
  • Manipulation of scalable digital terrain models (DTMs)
  • Management and processing of legacy documentation

Bentley Descartes users can also integrate their files with ProjectWise, to document and manage the engineering data. This has the benefit of decreasing the risk of mismanagement and misuse of data and helping to maintain document integrity.

 * Bentley Descartes V8i (SELECTseries 3) requires MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries 3) as a prerequisite.

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