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ProgeCAD Architecture

Advanced BIM Architectural Design 


progeCAD Architecture is 3D & 2D Architectural software using DWG as its native file format. The program offers an intuitive AutoCAD®-like interface and the benefits of a powerful BIM technology which allow the user to design faster and easier in 3D & 2D.

Easy-to-use for AutoCAD or progeCAD users and 100% DWG compatible IFC 2×3 fully compatible: share your projects with other BIM software such as Autodesk Revit®, AchiCAD®, Allplan® etc.


Either in 3D or 2D view, progeCAD Architecture provides you with intelligent and parametric object libraries to design your buildings, exteriors and interiors: walls, windows, doors, stairs, balconies, roofs… You just have to pick a shape and modify its dimensions.

Editing your 3D project is as easy as a double-click on the element which dimensions you want to modify and/or drag and drop the element to change its position.

  •     EASY 3D with intelligent parametric objects
  •     AutoCAD®-friendly: the same native file format, the similar look and feel
  •     2 SOFTWARE IN 1: This architectural software includes all the standard CAD features and the familiar CAD environment, therefore you can use it for general CAD drafting as well as a powerful BIM design tool.
  •     Very easy and fast 3D Design with intelligent parametric objects and extensive libraries. You just pick a shape and enter its dimensions.
  •     Create 3D stairs and roofs in a few clicks
  •     Get automatically all the 2D drawings and views from a 3D model : floor plans, elevations, perspective views, cross-sections… and keep them updated in real-time!
  •     Low-cost yet powerful!
  • Quite easy to get started with the software even for non-designers
    Even if it is known as an exceptional low-cost alternative to Revit or ArchiCAD, progeCAD Architecture is much faster and intuitive to learn.

progeCAD Architecture Strong points:

UNRIVALED PRODUCTIVITY:  With progeCAD Architecture, you draw in 3D faster and easier than in 2D with traditional CAD software and save your time when editing. Besides, you can extract all 2D DWG drawings and the software will update them automatically after you have modified your 3D project!

  • DWG compatibility combined with the innovative BIM approach (Building Information Modeling)
  • The advanced BIM structure to continuously update your project drawings (sections, views, perspectives, etc) maintaining any intervention made by the user (insertion of library items, text, annotation, etc).
  • An approach similar to Revit® or Archicad®
  • Projects interchange with other BIM software through an IFC file.
  • The project drawings smart explorer (the tree-view browser of drawings).
  • Faster rendering performance on OpenGL,  real-time virtual tours of a rendered model.
  • The enhanced roof modeler with unlimited options to design any type of roof structure and to add components such as attics, lofts, skylights, inclined openings and many others.
  • Intelligent design allowing to create even more building elements (e.g. chimneys, pergolas and others).
  • Significant improvements regarding architectural design refinements (e.g. smart automatic unions between building objects only if necessary, optional hiding of  wall/slab lines on views or sections, object definition through polylines in every dialog, etc), and topographic design (fully automatic creation of triangles to create a ground model).
  • 2D and 3D Block Libraries
  • Automatic dimensioning, 3D furniture libraries and walkthrough videos, bill of materials, 3D ground generation and excavation…

Architectural Modeling

With progeCAD Architecture you can design directly on the 3D building model by manipulating the architectural objects and elements just like “plastic” objects, freely shaping them in real time. This is possible not only in the simple building objects but also in the composite ones, thanks to the BIM functionalities that allow to have a direct control over the interaction among the components and the effects of introduced modifications. This enables even the most complicated design ideas to be realized in a very easy and fast way

Architectural design is further facilitated by highquality photorealism, virtual walkthrough and many other not less important software components such as a topographic module, a bill of materials and others. progeCAD Architecture offers the real BIM power under an Autocad®-like interface, already known to the majority of the CAD users

Advantages over progeCAD or AutoCAD include:

● Higher speed for design for 3D and 2D: the software understands how the elements need to be adjusted and helps you save a lot of time while drawing and editing.

● Very easy and fast 3D Design with intelligent parametric objects and extensive libraries. You just pick the shape and specify its dimensions

● Create 3D stairs and roofs in a few clicks.

● Get automatically all the 2D drawings and views from the 3D model: floor plans, elevations, perspective views, cross sections… and keep them updated in real-time!

● Extended functionality: automatic dimensioning, photo-realistic rendering, 3D furniture libraries and walkthrough videos, bill of materials, 3D ground generation and excavation…

progeCAD Architecture is a highly useful and affordable tool that will enable you to save time, increase productivity and cut down expenses on learning, support and maintenance

With progeCAD Architecture you draw in 3D even faster and easier than in 2D with traditional CAD software and save a lot of time when modifying. Moreover, you can extract all the 2D DWG drawings and the software will update them automatically when you modify the 3D project. progeCAD Architecture not only represents an excellent low-cost alternative to Revit or ArchiCAD, but also excels them at being extremely intuitive and easy to learn even for nondesigners!

progeCAD Architecture includes a set of sophisticated dialogs and modelers to create slabs, staircases, roofs, rails and vertical or horizontal elements of any type and shape. Dynamic shaping and editing of any composite element is performed through the progeCAD Architecture parametric dialogs which allow to modify any property at each stage of the design process. Through usage of these BIM tools the user is able to quickly analyze alternative design solutions to discover the most suitable one

progeCAD Architecture contains:

●  Dialog boxes to define and shape beams, columns, slabs and other structural elements.

●  Staircase modeler to generate even the most complex shapes along with their parts and accessories.

●  Roof modeler with unlimited options to design any type of roof structure and add components such as attics, lofts, skylights, inclined openings and others.

●  Dialog boxes to define vertical elements, gables, ramps, rails and many other special building entities such as fireplaces and pergolas

Further to the Parametric Library Generators, wherever required (e.g. openings, shutters etc.), progeCAD Architecture also includes a large number of items (objects, accessories, symbols etc.) properly grouped into thematic libraries (Living Room Furniture, Dining Room Furniture, Kitchen Furniture, Office Furniture, Equipment, Plants etc). In addition, through the Dynamic Library Editor the user can define and create new libraries, edit existing items, or even insert any dwg drawings and convert them into library items

progeCAD Architecture contains a complete component including a group of smart commands for the quick and precise creation of topographical drawings and the automatic generation of a 3D ground model

PhotoPRO is the rendering module of progeCAD Architecture to produce photorealistic scenes. With PhotoPRO you can create high quality photorealistic images thanks to the OpenGL fast algorithms and the state-of-the-art ray-tracing technology. PhotoPRO uses a rich library of real materials with textures (e.g. marble, wood, stone, carpets etc.) which can be selected and adjusted according to your needs. Since all the material information is provided in the same dialog with all the other object attributes, the whole process becomes fast and easy and the results are immediately visible on the screen with just a mouse click. The ability of selecting and editing materials from the rich program library, the positioning of the lighting sources, the background selection, the use of photographic objects as well as many other options and settings are all performed in a friendly and fast way through the PhotoPRO group of commands

WalkPRO is the virtual reality component of progeCAD Architecture generating walking through scenarios in a very simple manner. With WalkPRO you can take a realtime virtual tour of your photorealistic 3D model and the WalkPRO group of commands will enable various special effects such as stair climbing, door opening while walking indoors and outdoors and others. Furthermore, you can create avi video files by just clicking on the “record” button and make use of a stereoscopic vision of 4D reality through a pair of stereo glasses

progeCAD Architecture guarantees excellent performance, good speed for editing and unlimited freedom in shaping on a 3D building model thanks to its stateof-the-art BIM structure. The possibility to display all modifications in real time enables the user to focus his efforts entirely on the design process, thus avoiding time-consuming drawing tasks. When defining or editing any building element or controlling the interaction of various building components, all 2D-3D drawings are immediately updated and correctly visualized

progeCAD Architecture allows handling all the standard CAD commands (copy, move, trim, break, mirror, extend, copy-paste etc.) as well as usage of the usual CAD Editing Tools (osnap, the “right button” properties etc.) applying them directly to any building object: walls, openings, slabs, beams, columns etc. Creation or modification of any element at any stage of the design process results in instant update of all 2D/3D project drawings, displayed in real time through the smart project drawing explorer (the tree-view browser)

Modifications can be carried out in any view (floor plans, cross sections, elevations, perspective views) or on a 3D model, and all necessary adjustments are automatically taken into consideration having their effect even on dimensioning and tables in both the model and layouts. The progeCAD Architecture advanced BIM structure continuously updates all project drawings and any other intervention made by the user on the layout such as insertion of library items, text, annotation etc. As a result, the user has a full control over the design process on both the 3D model and all project drawings and an opportunity to supervise the whole building and its parts.


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